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My Field trip :D


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28th Sep 2012

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28th Sep 2012

Friday // 1pm // 2 years ago

Coutechicks, PEBBLES!

You’re probably wondering what’s with my crazy blog title. It’s actually what our team leader called as our “group name”. Basically, (WOW! VERY HARRY STYLES!) it’s what he called our whole section for the duration of our field trip. I won’t begin my blog with the very start of the day. (It would be TOO MAINSTREAM.) I’ll begin with the first fun part which was in the bus. (I hear your sigh of relief.) Me and my ‘buddy’, Ara Veronika De Vera (Wow. Full name?) boarded the bus and took seats in the middle part of the bus. (Like you would care which seat I took.) As soon as we got to Caltex to ‘refuel’, I immediately opened my large pack of gummy bears. (And no Mama Char. No I am not a child for eating GUMMY BEARS.) Being the generous person I am (*Ehem*), I passed it around for sharing and when it got back to me, more than half of it was gone. (*Sniffles* Still NOT a child.) I’m not even sure if this part was ‘fun’.

Putting the gummy bears behind us, the REAL road trip started. Me and my ‘bud’ Deborchy, made a deal that I would get the window seat ON THE WAY and she would get it GOING HOME. As I stare out the great glass window, (Wow. DRAMATIC!) I couldn’t help seeing the word, ‘Nuno’ multiple times. Twice or thrice I think. What’s with that right? Anyway, I decided that this observation would be a great contribution to your assignment so I decided to include it in my blog. I also couldn’t help researching about it once I got home. I already know what ‘Nuno’ means. In fact, my mother told me they’re like miniature Golems. You know the one from Lord of the Rings? The “MY PRECIOUS!” dude. Yep, that’s the one. Of course, I am also open for Mr. Wikipedia’s definition. He says that a ‘Nuno’ is a dwarf-like creature in Philippine mythology. (Which doesn’t even top my very creative description. Right? RIGHT?)

When we reach GMA network’s building, I saw a very sleek and sexy red Ferrari (WOW! It’s a RHYME! Thank you, thank you! *Bows*) as I was, once again, gazing out from my window. After the class’ commotion because of ‘hot wheels’, the Team Leader suggested that we have a ‘sound trip’. You CANNOT believe what song the class went cray-cray over. ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’. They were like “HEEEEY! SEXAY LADAY! HU-HU-HUHU! OPPA GANGNAM STAYL! 2x” It.Was.CRAZY. There are no other words to describe it. You’re probably also familiar with this one. “WHAT’S IN YOUR HAAAIR? IN YOUR HAAAAIR? ZONPY! ZONPY! ZONPY! PY! PY!” If you aren’t, you have Nathalie to blame.

You probably think we just goofed off the entire trip. Well, think again. (MWAHAHAHA!) The people from Outbound made us do different activities. The first of which is the “Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade Five?!” (“Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”) They made us sing “Bahay Kubo” in CRAZY (Yep. There’s that word again.) ways. The second was the Pick Up Lines (Which had a lot to do with Mika and Louie.) and the Coat of Arms which was supposed to help us “know ourselves more”. The last was the Outbound Journal which I haven’t even finished yet! Before we even boarded the bus, Deborchy told me that the Outbound people were very HAPPY people (Like the Celts except they weren’t Irish and I didn’t see them sucking on potatoes.) and I couldn’t agree more. They were very fun to be with and are very good lads.

Before I cry from missing the amazing people from Outbound, I might as well say something about the places we visited. (I, again, hear your sigh of relief.) The first itinerary was Triple A, now called ___. (I’m sorry for not remembering.) Words cannot describe how awesome it was to be in there. It’s like time literally freezes once you’re in there. My favorite rooms in the Triple A museum are the Mask Room, Vintage Room and Animal Room. I think you’d like them as well Mama Char! Just promise me you won’t freak out when you seen the scary clown face at the entrance. (It really is SCARY!) The only thing missing though were the life size statues of One Direction which I wouldn’t mind buying. (*Wink wink*) After exiting the museum, we got to take pictures with the statues outside which included: the red dragon (Which they claim was from “How To Train Your Dragon”. It isn’t. I swear it.), Kung Fu men, Batman, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and a big brass (I think) cage surrounded with brass (I think) busts. Again with my ‘Nuno’ observation, the Outbound people said something about it being related to the province’s name, AGONO! (HA!)

The second itinerary was the Baras 16th Something Battalion. Did you know I wanted to take a Military course for college? Well now you do. Anyway, when we got to the second itinerary, we had some ‘difficulties’ outside the bus. It was drizzling and Kuya Aries (Is that the correct spelling?) had to step outside to fix the problem which was very heroic in it’s own way. Wouldn’t you agree? The downside was Kuya Aries had to turn the air conditioning system off. It was so HOT I thought One Direction was with me. (*Swoons*) I get chills just thinking about it! Also, I expected a boodle fight for lunch but we ended up eating inside the bus which wasn’t that comfortable because of the heat. Before we had our lunch, we received a call from the battalion headquarters saying they would gladly pick us up using their military trucks. It was a long wait but it was worth it because the ride was just like the ones from amusement parks. It was both exciting and exhilarating. KC actually fell twice (There wasn’t anymore room in the truck so some of the girls had to stand.) which gave us laughs on the car ride on the way to the headquarters. Once we got there, we were whisked away to a mesh hall where we we taught what a soldier really is and given knowledge about the CPP and NPA. After that we were asked to go to the back of the hall for the firearm viewing. I secretly hoped they would teach us HOW TO fire them. After that we were asked to step outside to watch their protocol if ever there was a camp infiltration. It was just like in the movies except it was more intense. Probably because I was actually ON the scene. Familiar with the “Magtanim ay di biro”? Well, “Magsundalo ay di biro”.

After watching the protocol, we were allowed to take pictures with the men who performed for us. We also got to try on their bags and carry their guns. Man, were they heavy! I was like, do you guys eat spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner?! And If I thought they’re guns were heavy, they’re cannons were… BOOMBASTIC. I think you would need 10 Patrixia Suvas to drag it, 20 to lift it and 1 to take a picture with it. (Can we spell VAIN?) The men explained how their firearms are BRAND NEW in the Philippines but are considered LOW TECH in the US. I was very upset when I heard this. It’s not that I’m embarrassed that we’re very outdated when it comes to firearms. It’s just that it’s so… Unfair. (*Insert RANT here*).

(*Takes a DEEP breath*) I’m okay. After our tour of the ‘giants’, it was time for the mini obstacle course. (BOOYAH!) The obstacle course consisted of a 4 ft wall, a stone tube, a net you had to crawl under, tires, more tires, monkey bars and more bars. I’ll leave you to decide if I did well or not. Deborchy was kind enough to take a video of me on the obstacle course which she will upload later. (I hope.) I actually had to do it twice. Not because my results were low. There were no results. In fact there was no competition at all. It was just for the spirit of experience. I found the course so fun I just had to do it again and also Deborchy forgot to take a video of me on my first try. I was sweaty, muddy and my hands were all red and tender but the pain and ickiness were no match for the amount of fun that fueled me. I was thirsty for water not because of fatigue but of heat and I was hungry for more adventure.

The car ride home was just as crazy as the ride on the way. We watched a movie called “The Orphan” (I didn’t actually watch it because I don’t watch scary movies.) even though we were all tired from the trip.

“All good things must come to an end.” was what the Team Leader said when we were at the school gates. ‘Back to school, home from adventure.’ I don’t actually believe this saying that popped out of my head. True, there’s no place like home but you can never really come home from adventure because life itself is an adventure. It’s an adventure we live in and where we live in is our home.


PS: Mama Char, please just view the photos and videos in Facebook or Tumblr.

PPS: Thank you! XOXO

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RAWR! di ako yung tipong SELOSA… pero pag NILAPITAN mo SIYA… SORI na lang kung NAKITA kita… kasi PAG NANGYARI yun… hindi na kita KAIBIGAN! KUHA MO?!

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SOO CUTE! - Time Of My Life - XD GLEE XD